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In the kitchen (86 helping aids)

A bowl with a lid

A bowl with a lid, this model weighs almost nothing, can be used in the microwave and is also dishwasher safe. Good handles. The lid can be locked so that you can easily pour the water without the risk of spilling.

A tray with lid to hide a baking plate.

A tray with lid to hide a baking plate can be used for as well as warm as cold dishes. The food is prepared in a baking plate in the owen. When the food is ready you can put the hot baking plate immediately on the tray and serv the dinner at the table. Th

Adjustable kitchen cupboard.

This kitchen has been adapted for a person without arms and who uses their feet instead. The shelves in the cupboard are adjustable and can be operated by using a control panel at the side of the cupboard. This makes it lot easier to reach glasses and oth

Apple peeler

Attach the apple on the pointy bracket the small knife folds into the apple. Turn the crank by hand or foot.

Apple splitter

With an easy grip parts you apples or pears and remove the core. The grip is made of stainless steel, and the knives and cored separator is made of hard steel

Baking tin with handle.

The handle is made of aluminium and is riveted to the baking tin.

Banana peeler

With a simple jerk breaks the banana peel one end of.

Battery operated pepper mill

Battery operated pepper mill can be easily operated with one hand or with their feet without muscle power by pressing the button on top. It is equipped with a ceramic mill works.

Bottle opener for snap-on lids.

Bottle opener for opening snap-on lids, such as medicine bottles with plastic lids. It may be useful for those who have difficulties in opening lids.

Bottle opner

Provides a better grip when you open. Suitable for all PET bottles even other bottles of the same cap dimension.

Brush for root vegetables.

Brush for root vegetables with suction cups. The suction cups hold the brush in place on the worktop surface.

Chopping board for the kitchen sink.

The chopping board is placed directly over the sink. Different sized and shaped chopping boards are available from most department stores that will fit most sinks. The advantage of placing the board over the sink is that the kitchen waste, like peelings f

Cooking basket.

Cooking basket which can be put into a saucepan with vegetables, for example. Instead of lifting the whole saucepan just lift the cooking basket and let the water drain away easily. Easy to lift.


The Screw-pull corkscrew. The same corkscrew as used by waiters can also be useful for foot users who have difficulties in opening bottles of wine. The cork is screwed all the way until it comes out from the bottle. Also available with a foil remover.

Cutting aid.

The cutting aid holds the loaf of bread in place when you want to slice it. It works also with other types of food. The cutting aid can be adjusted to cut three different thicknesses.

Designed kitchen for persons with disabilities.

Geoff Adams-Spink talks to designer Adam Thomas, head of Design Matters, about the latest technology on offer to make kitchens more user-friendly for people with disabilities.

Watch the videon here:

Easier access for turning the tap on.

This single grip water mixer can be placed on the front of the sink for easier access.

Egg separator

Add the separator over a cup. Crack an egg over the separator and the egg yolk separated from the white.

Egg slicer

Egg slicer to slice or cut your eggs. Also works great for example mushrooms


Eggcup with three rubber arms to hold the egg in place.

Electric can-opener.

The Philips HR 2477 can-opener is a good example of a good can opener. It is electric powered and is said to be equally good for left-handed people as for right-handed people. It makes little noise and has a magnetic top to hold the opened top (although i

Food processor

A food processor is a great help in the kitchen for those who find it difficult to cut, knead and chop. This model holds a lot, easy to wash and easy to disassemble. 

Foot pedal to open a fridge or freezer.

Fridge opener. The small foot pedal from Husqvarna enables you to open the fridge or freezer door more easily just by stepping on it. It can be attached to most fridges. Available from shops selling domestic appliances.

Fruit and vegetable peeler.

Fruit and vegetable peeler with a wide-shaped handle and sharp, movable blade. Suitable for both left and right-handed people.

Gaggenau oven with retractable door.

The advantage of having an oven with a retractable door is that it allows people with short arms to reach oven trays and dishes in the oven. You can pull out the oven trays and shelves to see if the food is ready without the risk of them falling from thei


The flat grater with a container for grated foods.

Hand mixer.

For people with one hand, or foot users, a hand mixer can be a useful aid when preparing food. There are many different makes available.

Herb knife.

With this knife you dont cut with the normal sawing motion. Instead the knife is rocked from side to side. The knife has two solid knobs to hold onto. It may be useful for those who have difficulties with holding and using a normal knife.

High chair.

Work chair that can be raised to the same height as the worktop in the kitchen. This allows the person who works with their feet to also reach the lower drawers in the cupboards above. The chair rolls on castors and has a normal back rest and seat.

Holder for kitchen utensils

Holder for kitchen knives and other utensils. The holder, which looks like a carving board, is fixed onto the wall and a row of hooks for hanging the utensils on are screwed into a wooden strip which protrudes slightly from the wall allowing easier access

Holder for milkpackages

The holder for milkpackages.

Ice tongs.

Long ice tongs with a user-friendly grip for foot users. By gripping gently the tong´s jaw opens. Very easy to pick up ice-cubes. Available from hardware shops or ironmongers.

Jar with airtight clasp lid.

A jar like this is very easy to handle seeing as it doesn´t require much effort to open or close it. As well as being completely airtight another advantage is that the lid will more than likely stay on if you happen to drop it.


A jar-opener that has been around for quite a while but it is still recommended. It is normally fixed to a cupboard in the kitchen.

Kitchen corner cupboard.

Kitchen corner cupboard with revolving trays. Its design keeps things in order and gives easier access to pots and pans. The cupboard door is foldable and has a magnetic lock.

Kitchen drawer holder for food spices.

Jar holder that can be put into a drawer or onto a flat surface. The spice jars will stand semi-upright in the drawer.

Kitchen drawer or pull-out shelf.

Kitchen drawers can be a good solution for reaching dishes, bowls, kitchen utensils etc. with more ease. A cupboard with a pull-out shelf might be an alternative solution.

Kitchen preparing board.

A cutting and preparing board can be a good aid when you want to cut, peel (potatoes, for example) or whisk something in a bowl. With suction cups on the underneath it will fix itself to firmly to the work surface. You can adjust the suction cups dependin

Kitchen scraper.

A scraper that can be used in the kitchen, at the sink, on the windows, and in the shower as a complement to a cloth if you have difficulties in wringing a cloth out. It is easy to hold and can hang from the wall.

Knife with adjustable handle.

Knife or carving knife with an adjustable handle. The handle makes it easier to hold and use.

Lever-assisted nutcracker.

Lever-assisted nutcracker that rests against a plate with a nut-size hole. The nut is put in the hole and the lever is pushed down. The raised edge around the plate prevents the nutshell from going everywhere. These types of nutcrackers are suitable for u

Lift for domestic appliances.

Lifting heavy domestic appliances can be difficult. This lift, which is fixed directly onto the cupboard, lifts the heavy objects you need to the required work height. When you have finished with the appliance you just lower on the lift and store it away.

Lockpys jar-opener.

Removing the vacuum from a jar makes it easier to open jars with stubborn lids.

Manually Jar-opner

Use your body weight by standing on the jar to break a vacuum in the jar. Then you can open the cap easy.

Nozzle for tap.

Rotational nozzle that fits most kitchen taps. By pulling down or pushing up the nozzle you can either have a sprinkling or jet effect. Good for rinsing dishes and watering small pot plants.

Nozzle wit lever for turning on the water.

A nozzle is screwed onto the tap. A nylon lever which is attached to the nozzle is pushed to one side with a hand or glass and the water starts to flow. The water is turned off when the nozzle is in a vertical position. Regulating the correct water temper


Nutcracker with useful lever.

One Touch Can Opener

Workable opener for a foot worker or people with weak hands.

Open jars by using a cutlery knife.

Turn the jar upside down. Place an ordinary knife on the edge between the lid and the jar. By prizing the lid open the pressure will be released enabling you to open the jar more easily.

Opener for screw-lock lids.

The Apollo jar opener. The jar opener consists of two parts. The jar holder, the lower part, is put onto the edge of the table or work top. The see-through lid opener is put onto the jar´s lid which can then be screwed off. The opener can be used on diffe

Opening in the draining board for waste disposal.

An opening in the draining board makes it easier for wheelchair users to dispose of waste instead of having to open cupboard doors.

Opening packages with a wallpaper knife.

An ordinary wallpapering knife found in many varieties. Useful for opening packages, especially plastic-wrapped packages.

Orange peeler

A practical orange peeler which helps to cut / split peel and peels it off

Paper clip "Closeman"

Easy for those with weak hands or work with the feet, to handle milk or cream bottles, chip bags, candy, etc.

PET Bottle opener

The opener has a long shaft with the design of the screw cap. It provides better strength to twist the cap on a PET-bottle.

Pizza slicer

A pizza slicer can be used for much more than just cutting the pizza with. Those who find it difficult to cut with ordinary knife can use the pizza slicer to cut everything from ham to hot sandwiches.

Positioning of a dishwasher.

A tip for the positioning of a dishwasher for people with very short arms or no arms at all. Put either the standing dishwasher or the worktop dishwasher under the kitchen worktop to make access easier.

Potato or vegetable holder.

Putting a potato or other type of vegetable onto a spike may make it easier to peel or cut for those who only have the use of one hand. The spike has a suction pad on the bottom so it can be firmly attached to a work surface.

Potato peeler

The  potato peeler has a narrow hand grip which facilitates whether to hold it with your feet.

Potato peeler.

A potato peeler with a figure of eight-shaped handle. The peeler is made of plastic thereby making it very light to hold and easy to use.

Potato peeling with fork

To hold the potatoes with a fork may facilitate to peeling the potatoes.

Power Jucier

It is easier to make fresh juice out of fruit and greens with Power Juicer. You can use the whole fruit or greens. The fruit meat collects in the separate holder. You can use that for sauce, marmalade and deserters.

Pull-out work surface below the oven.

An oven door with side hinges makes it easier for those with reaching difficulties. There is also a pull-out work surface directly under the oven which acts as a temporary home for things that are being removed from the oven.

Pump bottle with dish soap in

You can use a regular pump bottle having dish soap in. It may be easier to push out a few drops of dish soap on the dish brush, instead of lifting the dish soap bottle and pouring from it.

Root vegeatble cutter

The Zylis root vegetable cutter. The long lever with the large worktop means that little effort is required to cut potatoes into chips, or dicing and slicing fruit and vegetables.

Rotating sink, colander and cutting board

Rotating sink, colander and cutting board - all in one place!. Available from JACDesign in Australia

Salt and pepper-mill and Pepparboll.

Item on the left; salt and pepper-mill. Salt is put in the upper part and pepper below. Easy to use with a single-handed grip. Facility available to adjust the coarseness of the salt and pepper. Item on the right; the Pepparboll pepper-mill. Easy to use

Saucepan strainer.

Strainer that can be put into a saucepan to make it easier when pouring hot water out. It may be useful for those who can only grip with one hand.

Self cleaning onion hack

This onion hack gives finely hacked onion and cleans itself.

Sink slop-collector.

Plastic slop collector makes it easier to remove the bits and slops from a kitchen sink instead of using kitchen paper.

Slip-On Silicone Pour Spout

Slip-On Silicone Pour Spout for Mixing Bowls, Pots, Pans & Jars

Small grater

A small grater for garlic or nutmeg can be helpful for those who find it difficult to hack or have difficulty coping with a garlic press.

Spatula for cleaning the kitchen sink.

An aid for reaching and cleaning the kitchen sink. Instead of using kitchen paper use a normal spatula with a long handle.

Special handle for a cheese slicer.

This cheese-slicer has a thick vertical handle which makes it easier to slice with.

Suggestion for a jar-opener.

Jar-opener to open screw-on lids. It can also be used to either seal a tube or squeeze the contents out. The opener, which is about the same size as a coffee maker, holds and opens the lid at the same time. With this opener you avoid injuring yourself wit

The Habo Trafo presser for wet cloths and dishcloths.

An ingenious wet cloth or dishcloth presser that can be put into the kitchen sink without needing to be fixed. The cloth is put between the two rollers. The lower roller has holes in it so that the water can drain out. The wet-cloth presser is made of gol

The Quickbox.

A very easy to open jar for storage. A gentle push on the lid will open it and another push will close it. Requires the minimum amount of effort. It may be useful for those who have a weak hand grip.

The Salt shaker

To salty, press easy the ears on salt shaker with one hand or both hands or the feet. You can even use it for pepper.

The sandwich plate.

A sandwich plate. A slice of bread is put on the plate and because of the raised peg edge the bread stays still whilst being buttered. It may be useful for those who only have the use of one hand. Available in several different designs.

Tin opener.

The advantage of this tin opener is that the handle holds together when the opener bites the edge of the tin. First you open the handle, then put the opener onto the edge of the tin, squeeze the handle together and then turn the knob. The opener removes t

Tube key

A tube key with a moulded handle and steel claw. For use with different kinds of tubes; toothpaste, cheese spread, fish paste etc. Easy to use.

Washing-up brush.

Washing-up brush with a clamp. Put the washing-up brush in a suitable place and instead of moving the brush over the plate, move the plate over the brush.

Washing-up liquid holder.

Washing-up liquid holder 'Diskan'. Fill washing-up liquid in the holder, and put the cover on the holder. Push light on the cover with dish-mop and then you can wash.

Washing-up sponge on a handle.

A washing-up brush with a sponge and hollow handle. Fill the handle with washing-up liquid and fit the screw cap. The washing-up liquid goes into the sponge through small holes. The sponges are easy to replace when they wear out. Two types of sponge are a

Home modifications (24 helping aids)

3 Key Turner

Key Turner 

The moulded plastic turner is designed to fit keys to give a larger grip and stronger leverage to turn in the lock. Keys fold when not in use. Easy to hold and to store. Holds three keys.

Clothes hanger.

This clothes hanger is lower than normal. It runs on castors which makes it easier for a person with a weak grip to move about and take out their clothes. It may be useful for either wheelchair users or short people.

Clothes rail for the wall.

Clothes rail. A small clothes rail that can be screwed to the wall. The rail can be lowered when not in use. There is room for about ten shirts and it takes up very little space.

Code-lock for outer door.

Code-lock with a 6-figure code, for your flat door in an apartment block. The code-lock makes it easier if you have difficulty in using keys. Note that the code-lock will not work if there is a power failure and a door key will be needed to get in. Contac

Easy-to-fold ironing-board.

With a simple handle this ironing-board is easy to lower from a cupboard. A convenient and practical solution for those who have difficulty with lifting.

Electronic lock.

The IR-lock from Assa-Abloy. The lock works like a controller to lock car doors; push the button on the key and the entire house or apartment is unlocked. One external switch locks the doors from the outside and one internal switch locks the doors from th

Elnapress iron.

The Elnapress works like an iron, ironing-board, sleeve-board and mangle all rolled into one. The Elnapress irons quickly because the base of the iron is ten times bigger than a normal iron. It doesnt require much hand strength to operate which may be us

Homemade broom

This broom has removed the handle and mount on a leather strap.  It easy to put the foot in to leather strap and sweep with your foot.

Key holder for one or more keys

For those who have difficulties with keys or locks this key holder may be the answer. The key holder has a larger area to hold than a normal key. The groove at the back is used to open or close the latch on the inside of the door.

Larger key-ring.

A normal key-ring but in a larger size. If you put the ring over the key in the lock the ring works like a lever making the key easier to turn.

Lever for a door latch.

A lever for an indoor door latch. This makes it easier to fasten doors and windows without having to turn locks.

LIFX-The light bulb

LIFX is a multi-colored LED smart bulb that you control with your smartphone. 
Watch video here:

Positioning of a washing-machine and tumble-drier in the bathroo

By placing the washing-machine and tumble-drier next to each other, you make a bench for yourself to sit on at the sink making it easier for you to reach your toiletries. At the same time you can look in the mirror if the bathroom mirror is adjustable.

Practical cleaning cupboard.

The design of this cleaning cupboard is very practical. Because there is no base in the cupboard you don´t need to lift the vacuum cleaner in and out, you just take the tube and pull the vacuum cleaner out instead. Due to the absence of a base in the cupb

Pull-out ironing-board.

This pull-out ironing-board makes ironing much easier. Runners are attached to the ironing-board which is kept in the cupboard and is easy to pull out. It may be useful for those who have difficulty in lifting or unfolding a normal ironing-board.

Pull-out shelves for cupboards and pantries.

For those who have a short reach or generally find it difficult to get to packets and tins etc. in their cupboards this may be a solution. All the shelves in the cupboard can be pulled out by using a handle making it easier to reach things. The shelves ma

Revolving clothes line.

Revolving clothes line for outdoor use. The user should either put the clothes line on a slope or use a stool or crate etc. Enabling easier access.

Rubber sleeve for keys.

A small rubber sleeve which fits over the key making it easier to hold and turn.

Shallow sink

Sink. Might be of use for people with short arms

Sop with a small shank

This broom has cut the shank on, easy to use foot to sweep with.

Sweep slot in the socket

Sweep slot / socket container, accessories for the central vacuum. Crumbs swept into the hole. With your foot, press then the slider so that the crumbs sucked up.

Twisting ironing board

Wall mounted ironing board that you fold down when to use it. It is possible to twist it out the ironing board and it will be easier to use it. The place under the board is completely free of sedentary work.


The electric lift rod running up and down with a remote control. The electric lift rod is good for those who do not reach the clothes in the closet.

Washing-machine and tumble-drier mounted on a pedestal with whee

For storage: The washing-machine and tumble-drier are mounted on a pedestal with two drawers. The dirty washing can be kept near the washing-machine. The pedestal can be made by a local craftsman. The drawers are normal drawers on castors.