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Getting dressed/Hygiene

Getting dressed (26 helping aids)

A hook with suction cups for dressing and undressing.

A hook with suction cups to help with dressing and undressing. The hook is attached to a plate with suction cups on it that you can fix onto a smooth surface like a wall or door. By turning the black lever downwards, it will fasten firmly to the surface.

A jacket that is easy to put on and take off

A larger sized jacket has been altered and taken in to make this jacket. A hem for the elastic is sewn at the bottom of the jacket. The wearer gets into the jacket for dressing and undressing without needing to open the elastic, which holds the jacket tog

A ring on a zip.

Having a ring on a zip makes it easier to either do up or undo your zip.


There are many different types of buttoners available. An example of two models are; the ball-shaped handle (standard) and the pen-shaped handle.

Clothes hanger for getting dressed.

Antique clothes hanger (from the 1930s) with soft, rounded edges. Fix it to the wall at hip height in the bathroom and use as an aid for putting on and taking off trousers and underwear.

Dressing aid.

An example of one of many individually designed dressing aids with a variety of uses, such as reaching down and pulling up trousers and tucking yourself in, doing up your zip etc. These dressing aids are designed according to the individuals needs and re

Dressing hook

Another version of dressing hook

Dressing robot

Dressing robot "third hand" for amputees, arm weakness and paralyzed person can get dressed without help. Robot hand is electric. Rotation, opening and closing of the hand operated with the foot by pressing the four buttons on the plate on the floor. The robot arm is attached to a rail that can be mounted on the wall or on a tabletop. You can change the height of the robot hand manually.

Elastic shoelaces

Elastic shoelaces could be a good alternative to normal shoelaces. The wearer could put on and take off their shoes without having to tie/untie them every time. On some makes of shoe it might be easier if you asked the shoe repairer to sew the tongue into

Foldable dressing aid with suction cup.

A portable dressing aid. The aid has a suction cup and can be fixed to a wall or door according to the users requirements. The dressing aid is foldable making it easier to be carried in a handbag or travel bag. By pulling on the black nylon loop, you can

Getting dressed with the help of a chair.

Getting dressed with the help of a chair. Putting on clothes on the upper body that have buttons on the front can be made easier if an ordinary kitchen chair can be used like a clothes hanger. The dresser gets into his clothes by wriggling into a cardiga

Getting dressed with the help of a door handle.

For someone with no arms an ordinary door handle works as a good aid to adjust your clothes with, such as pulling down a jumper or pulling up or down your trousers.

Glove maker who modifies gloves and mittens

Mimmi Rhodin, the glove maker, has several years of orthopaedic experience behind her and specialises in modifying gloves and mittens for people with misshapen hands and fingers.

Lace-lock for shoelaces

The Kvick-clip lace-lock locks the laces instead of having to tie them. Untie the laces by leaning the sides of the locks against each other. Available in two sizes and several different colours. It may be useful for those who have difficulty in tying the

Lanner socks

Great socks for foot users, Very durable and very high quality

Leggings, tights and trousers

Lycra leggings and tights. Lycra is a strong and elastic material. The smooth surface makes it easier to put on and take off trousers, and jumpers or blouses worn on top sit in place and do not ride up.

Pull up your trousers by using a wall-fixed hook.

Homemade and individually designed wooden hook to pull your trousers up or down with.

Reach and hang up outdoor clothes.

One way of making it easier to hang up and take down clothes from a clothes frame in the hall is by interlocking two clothes horses. The clothes will hang at a lower height making it easier for either a short person or someone with a short reach.


Shoehorn with an extra long metal handle. Length; 60 cm. The shoehorn makes it easier when putting your shoes on as you dont need to bend unnecessarily. It may be useful for those with a short reach.

Sock and tights puller-on.

A sock and tights puller-on can make it easier for those who have short arms or a restricted reach. The sock or tights are put onto the puller-on and with the two handles it is pulled onto the foot. Suitable for tights, stockings, socks and slippers.


A sock in cotton, with loose spring band. It is easy to pull on with help of the other feet.

split toe socks

socks with the big toe seperate from the rest

The Butler buttoner.

The Butler buttoner may be useful for those who may have difficulty in doing up their buttons. It has an extra long handle and is easy to hold. The small metal loop is threaded through the button hole, put around the button and pulled through the hole. You can also pull up the zipper.

Toe socks

If you are foot workers you get with "Toetoes" yoga and pilates sock a good grip. The socks increases mobility, freedom and make your feet more flexible. You will experience a barefoot feeling while you have socks on you.

Trouser pockets

A clever pocket for money and keys. Make a cut in the trouser material. Sew in a lining pocket into the inside of the trouser leg. Use either a zip or velcro to close the pocket with. Remember to sew the pocket onto the left leg for a right-footed person

Hygiene (25 helping aids)

Addition to a toilet with washing and drying facilities.

The Top WC Matic is a toilet addition with a washing and drying facility that can be easily mounted onto a standard toilet without having to be rebuilt. It may be useful for those who have difficulty in managing to clean themselves after going to the toil

Aid for getting up a lather when washing.

This may be the solution for those who have difficulty washing themselves. Pour some soap or shampoo onto the loofah-covered rod and rub against it with the part of the body that is to be washed. This is designed for people without arms

Bath chair support.

Bath support that is put across the bath to help you get in and out of the bath tub more easily. The support has a solid handle and an anti-slip surface on the seat. It may be useful for either a person who has difficulty with their balance, or for someon

Bath sponge, hairbrush, face-flannel and long-handled comb.

1. Bath sponge with a long handle. The sponge is stuck to the handle has a rougher surface on one side. 2. Hairbrush with a long handle. The brush is fixed onto the handle. 3. Face-flannel on a long handle. The towelling flannel is fixed firmly to the han

Brush for washing or showering with.

The brush is firmly attached to a suction cup that can be fixed at any convenient height on a smooth wall. The brush is good to use when washing your hair, back or any other part of your body that might be difficult to reach. The black lever on the suctio

Clos o mat

The Closomat is specially designed toilet. The toilet has douche and drying.

Contact EX-Center for further information.

Holder for soap or shampoo. Press lightly on the top to get the liquid out.

Cord to help flush the toilet with.

Flush the toilet by pulling the cord. It may be useful for those who have difficulties in gripping the handle and flushing the toilet.

Dry yourself with a wall-fixed towel.

For those who have difficulty drying themselves, a towel fixed to the wall can be a solution. This is designed for people without arms.

Electric toothbrush.

The electric toothbrush is available in several different models. The toothbrushes handles vary significantly in size and weight. It may be advisable to sample the toothbrushes in the shop depending on the individuals needs.

Electronic control panel for the shower.

Electronic control panel for the shower. The panel can be placed anywhere inside the shower. The panel is equipped with touch-control thereby requiring very little effort in adjusting the flow and temperature of the water. It may be useful for those who h

Getting dry after a bath or a shower.

A wall-fixed heater for getting dry with after a bath or shower instead of using a towel. The heater is fixed next to and above the door and the switch hangs down the side of the door frame.

Hairdryer – Tripod

A practical tripod for the hairdryer, to help you when you blow-dry your hair, if you have only one hand or using your feet, is this hair dryer - tripod smart. Place the tripod on the table and then the hairdryer in the tripod. You can then turn the hairdryer to the desired angle, and then turn on the hairdryer, as usual. The tripod can be adjusted to be 91 cm at most.

Low-level dressing table.

Extra low dressing table designed for people with short legs. This is a normal dressing table with the table legs shortened to the required height.

Nail-brush with suction cups.

A nail-brush with two strong suction cups underneath that can be fixed to most smooth surfaces. It may be easier for those who have either a weak grip or the use of only one hand to clean their hands and fingernails or feet and fingernails.


A nail-file with an extra thick handle. The handle is oval-shaped and has a loop in it so it can hang from a wall. It may be useful for those who have a weak grip.

Telescoping Back Scratcher

Could be useful while washing your hair

The Peta nail-clippers.

A metal nail-clipper fastened to a wooden base. A plastic pad sits on the arm to enable easier use of the clippers. May be useful for those with a single or weak hand grip.

The Superbrush tooth brush

The Superbrush toothbrush differs from conventional toothbrushes because it has three heads which means that you can brush the inside and outside edges as well as the crown at the same time. Brushing your teeth with this three-headed brush makes oral hygi

Toilet roll holder.

This toilet roll holder stands on the floor. The roll that is being used rests on top. A small wedge prevents it from falling off. Extra toilet rolls can be kept underneath. The holder stands on a base and can be moved. It is designed to help those with a

Toilet roll holder.

The Riva-lätt toilet roll holder. Free-standing toilet roll holder. Height; 75 cm. It may be useful for those with a short reach or those who have difficulties in turning to reach the toilet paper.


A toothbrush with a good grip for those with arm prostheses. It may also assist those with a bad or weak hand grip. The toothbrush is also available with suction cups. Available in several different models.