Knowledge and Rehabilitation Centre for children and adults with multiple limb deficiencies

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Eating and drinking

Eating (9 helping aids)

Bestic is a unique innovation for those who want to eat by thems

Bestic is a small, smooth and quiet meal assistant...

Elastic armband for holding cutlery.

An armband made of elastic and leather. The armband is sewn so that it wont open. It is reinforced on one side with leather. A canal is sewn into the leather to accommodate the required item of cutlery. You put your arm or stump through the armband until

Knife with adjustable support.

For people who have difficulties in slicing bread, cutting vegetables etc., a knife with an adjustable support may be of use. The Victorinox knife support makes a knife easier to use. The support enables you to slice the bread straight even if you have to

Non-slip mat.

Non-slip mat for a glass, plate or tray. Heat-resistant and stays in place.

Spoon to eat with.

An individually designed spoon made for a person who has short arms, a limited ability to grip, and is blind. The handle finishes by the fingers and the bowl of the spoon is angled in towards the body.

The Winsford Feeder.

Appliance for making eating easier. You can control the movement of the spoon and feeder, and also turn the plate at the same time by pushing the small white ball (chin operated) in one direction. It can also be operated manually by hand.

The Zylis jar and bottle opener.

The Zylis opener consists of a handle with an adjustable steel band which is fastened around the lid. The long handle allows a lever effect, making it easier to twist the lid off. The small black semi-circle inside the steel band is a bottle opener that w

Tools and cutlery with adjustable handles.

Stirex manufacture tools and cutlery with different types of adjustable handles. This is everything from knives, forks, spoons, cheese slicers, scissors, barbecue accessories, spatulas, to tongs, secateurs, pincers, nail removers, nippers, and tube and bo

Drinking (4 helping aids)

Glasses with straw

Straws holder printed onto the glass edge. Then the straw pushed down into the holder so that the straw does not float up out of the glass.

Holder for plastic bottles.

The GrePET bottle holder. It can also be used to open the tops on plastic bottles.

Mug and cup holder.

The mug holder looks like a tree and has a stable base. Practical and accessible. The mugs hang on the branches. This mug holder is made of untreated wood.

The Pysen bottle opener.

With hand pressure applied directly from above without any twisting, the top will come off. Requires the minimum amount of effort to open a bottle.