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Adapted cars/Transportation

Adapted cars (25 helping aids)

Accelerator and brakes at the same level as the drivers seat.

The accelerator and brakes in this vehicle were designed for a driver with short legs. The driver operates the brakes by using his feet. The steering column has been extended and a mobile phone can be seen behind the steering wheel. This is a sports car s

Accelerator ring.

With the accelerator ring it is possible to steer and accelerate at the same time, even if you have restricted use in your legs. The accelerator is integrated in the steering wheel and is operated easily with slight pressure from the fingers or the palm o

Adapted Chevrolet uplander, part 1

This car (Chevrlet Uplander) is suited to a person with amputated legs and arms. The top picture shows the wheel with a trackball that is shaped like a bowl, for easier control with right arm stump. The middle picture shows the gas and brake. You gases by moving the control forward and brakes when draws it backwards. Even, the lever is cupped so you can regulate with the left arm stump. The lower picture shows a belt which has been fixed, so that you can reach to close the car door.

Adapted Chevrolet uplander, part 2

A car fit for the person with amputation. The steering wheel is controlled by right arm stump and gas and brakes with left arm stump.

Adjust the height of your car floor.

The lift device in this car is in-built and can not be seen from the outside. It can be assembled in most cars. The lift is hydraulically powered and can lift up to a maximum of one ton.

Car key handle.

With the aid of a small lever fixed firmly onto the car key the driver can insert the key more easily to start the car. The modification was made to a Chrysler Voyager.

Clip for key-ring.

This clip can make it easier to reach, use and carry a bunch of keys. The clip is like a spring clip and can be clipped onto a waistband or belt. The keys are on a normal key-ring. The key-ring is connected to the clip by a chain. When using a key the cha

Depth-reduced seat.

The depth of the drivers seat is shortened to suit a driver with short legs.

Door opener and ramp for a wheelchair-bound driver.

The driver opens the car door by using a remote control. A ramp automatically unfolds. The wheelchair is backed up the ramp and can be locked into place during the journey. The driver can then move from the wheelchair to the driver´s seat which in this ca

Driver s seat, steering wheel and manual controls.

The driver operates the accelerator and brakes by hand. The accelerator control is positioned at 12 oclock on the steering wheel above the windscreen wiper control which is positioned at one oclock. The driver operates the accelerator by pushing the contr

Electric rear door closer.

A small electric motor is fixed inside the back of the vehicle. A nylon cable extends from the motor to the rear door. By pushing a button on the motor the cable is wound in and closes the rear door. The rear door is opened in the normal manner. This modi

Getting in and out of a car with luggage.

It may easier to use the side door when you lift in and out the luggage. The driver can sit on the floor of her car when she lifts the luggage. The side door switch with remote control. Car adaptation is made in a Chrysler Voyager.

Hook for opening a car door with more easily.

Using a hook may make it easier for you to open your car door. On most makes of car you would normally have to hold onto the door handle and then pull the door open towards you, which, generally speaking, may make the hook a good aid for people who find i

Lift for loading a wheelchair into a car.

The Ladeboy is an electric lift which lifts and pulls the wheelchair into the car, best used through the rear door.

Lock for the driver´s door inside the petrol cap.

Inside the cap is the locking mechanism that opens the door to the driver's side. By pushing to cap opens the door ajar. If you open the fuel cap can see switch that opens the driver's door. . Car adaptation is made in a Chrysler Voyager.

Loops that work as accelerator and brake pedals.

Instead of pedals the driver uses loops that he can pull towards him by using his feet either to accelerate or brake. The loops work with the use of hydraulics (a pneumatic system). Suitable for a person with short legs and feet. The driver steers the car

Operate the indicators, with your head.

By pushing your head against the headrest you can operate the indicators, windscreen wipers and washer fluid, and beep the hooter whilst driving. The controls can be seen under the material of the headrest. The modifications were made to a SAAB 900.

Ramp and sliding door for a Chrysler.

This modification was made on a Chrysler Voyager and may be useful for wheelchair users. The electrical ramp is fitted to the door at its maximum width, making it easier to get in and out of the vehicle with a wheelchair. When the ramp is not in use it ca

Recaro adjustable driver´s seat.

The Recaro adjustable driver´s seat can be adjusted in several ways for a person with mobility restrictions. It may be of use for people who have problems with their backs. It is easy to put and adjust according to the individuals needs. Available in man

Revolving chassis for a car chair.

The PS Vridunderrede is a new solution for keeping the original car chair without altering the height. It can be put in either the drivers or passengers place. The revolving chassis makes it both easier and more convenient to get in and out of the car.

Rope to close the rear door of the car with.

Useful rope to close the rear door of the car with. This person is wheelchair-bound and gets in and out of her car through the rear door. She opens the door, climbs into the car, lifts the chair in after her and the closes the door with the rope from the

Rotating driver´s seat.

The driver´s seat can rotate 180 0 which gives easier access to things in the back seat. This modification was made to a Chrysler Voyager.

Steering a car with your left foot.

Instead of using a steering wheel, a driver with either short or no arms can steer his car with one foot on a steering panel on the floor. The steering panel consists of a larger revolving plate and a smaller revolving plate with a knob on it. The knob is

Steering a car with your right foot.

For drivers who steer their cars with their right foot due to short or no arms. In this case the accelerator and brake pedals have been moved to the left side and the control panel lies on the right side. This modification was made to a Chrysler Voyager.

Universal lock for an electric wheelchair in the car.

This universal lock pulls the wheelchair down and holds it in place on the floor. At the same time the lock pushes the wheelchair against the wheels stop ensuring the wheelchair is securely fixed. The wheelchair is secured by using a switch which is posi

Other transportation (28 helping aids)

A white stick for the blind.

An extra long white stick is suitable for those with a short reach. The stick is extra light and longer than a normal white stick.

Attachment for a tractor´s steering wheel.

To be able to drive a tractor more easily a small cup has been fitted to the steering wheel to accommodate the stump of an arm. The tractor is specially designed for a person without arms.

Carrying aid for plastic bags.

The Handy carrying aid for plastic bags provides a grip that doesn´t cut into your hands. It may be useful for those who have difficulty carrying their shopping home.

Carrying strap for bags.

Adjustable leather strap and metal hook for carrying handbags, the shopping etc. It should be worn diagonally across the body so that the load is distributed evenly. It may be of use to those who have weak arms, short arms, or no arms at all.

Crate handle.

A plastic handle for carrying a crate. With this handle you can either carry the crate with one hand or get a better grip with both hands. Easy to put on or to take off.

Electric lift tables

The electric lift table is helpful for many different things: food processor, soda crates, computers and sewing machines, etc. The lift is placed on the ground inside a cabinet. An engine system of parallel arms raises and lowers to a comfortable working height.

Electric wheelchair for sport and recreation.

Electric wheelchair for sport and recreation built for quick acceleration, with good speed and safe brakes. The three-wheeler has a maximum speed of 14 km per hour. It is steered by a hand or finger-operated joystick. The wheelchair has a low centre of gr

Excellent ramp

With Excellent ramp you can quickly building away thresholds, you can also building away one or a few steps, recessed shower wells and generally where there are fewer barriers. Excellent ramps can dismantle and reused.

Guje´s crutch harness.

Guje´s crutch harness is a crutch holder that consists of several elastic cords: one has loops on it to hold the arm supports. Another goes across the back and holds the crutches close to the body. By using the harness the wearer can let go of the crutche

Kryckelina crutch and walking-stick hanger.

Thanks to the ingenious design of the Kryckelina crutch and walking-stick hanger, you can hang your crutches or walking-sticks in most places; on the edge of the table, by the sink, on a chair, a shopping trolley, on railings etc. This aid is easy to fix

Let the dog open the door.

The master puts a loop (or a tug rope) over the door handle. The dog pulls on the other end until the door has opened slightly. Then the master positions himself in the wheelchair in the doorway, removes the loop, lets the dog in and follows in after.

Net bag.

A net bag on prams is also suitable for wheelchair users.

Protection for arm and wrist.

Arm and wrist protector made of carbon fibre. This is specifically designed for people who move themselves by crawling when not using a wheelchair. The protector prevents strains and friction burns.

Serving or carrying using a trolley.

A serving trolley that will make it easier to carry food, crockery etc. The trolley´s height can be adjusted accordingly. A person who uses their feet instead of their arms would benefit greatly by using a very low trolley.

The Eclipse junior wheelchair.

A wheelchair for children. The best feature of this wheelchair is the specially designed handle with automatic coupling which makes it easier for the parents to push the wheelchair. The handle provides a good ergonomic grip.

The Flexi grip tong.

The Flexi grip tong is a foldable grip tong that has a pistol-grip to fit the shape of your hand. A grip tong may be useful for those who have difficulty in gripping or reaching things on the floor. The grip tong is fitted with a support for the forearm r

The Kicker.

The Combi-kicker is made of steel tubing and has a strong nylon weave seat. It is very light and therefore easy to manage. The runners are made of lightweight steel with plastic trims. It has three height fittings; 70, 83 and 87 cm. Good in all snowy cond

The Minelli adjustable walker.

The Minelli adjustable walker. Instead of lifting and carrying heavy things from one place to another, you can push or pull them on Minelli´s tabletop and then move Minelli to where you want the things to be. You adjust the tabletop to the required height

The Mini Crosser electric wheelchair.

The Mini Crosser is a small three or four-wheeled electrically powered wheelchair for both indoor and outdoor use. Several different models are available for both adults and children. Great attention has been paid to the correct positioning of the seat. A

The Monolift.

Monolift have a large selection of lifts available for people who have difficulty in climbing the stairs. For some, a full automatic wheelchair lift is needed, while for others, a simple stair chairlift is sufficient.

Tongs for reaching and picking things up with.

The LESO tongs are made of aluminium-coated tubing. They are very light and require the minimum amount of dexterity to use. They are also capable of picking up small, non-magnetic objects. The handles are rubber-coated, providing a better grip. There is a

Travel in warmth and comfort.

A practical and warm idea for wheelchair users is this body cover with a sewn-in muff and large pockets. The velcro fastener in the seat makes it easy to remove leaving just a warm cushion behind. The sides can be opened and closed by using the velcro fas


The cycle has a strong aluminium frame and is safe and easy to ride. It is powered by hand and especially useful if you have no legs or if you are a paraplegic. It is a versatile cycle; it can be used for exercise, recreation, sport etc. and it can reach


A sporty and comfortable reclined cycle, who people with no arms can drive.


The Trcycles is a bicycle with a seat for two people. It may be a good way for a sedentary person to get out and about, and electric one.

Trolley with basket.

A small trolley with a basket for carrying apples leaves etc. in the garden. It can also be used for other purposes.

U2 manual wheelchair.

The U2 manual wheelchair. This wheelchair can be particularly useful for those who have short legs or no legs at all, as the seat is more inclined than other wheelchairs. It may be useful for people who need to move in close to things, such as a table, wo

Wheelchair garage.

This wheelchair garage is designed to be easily moved and relocated. The garage is small but it has a large opening. The garage can be used to house an electric wheelchair, domestic wheelchair or a walker. The roof and entire front shutter are opened by a